Givee is an all-in-one platform, designed to simplify online stores for distributors.

For distributors


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Quickly create online storefronts with our setup wizard. Configure store settings and details such as open/close dates, invoice preferences, guest access and more.

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Customize the look & feel with your clients messaging and logo. Choose products from our curated catalog of high-quality items and customize them with clients artwork.

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Provide your client with a link to use to invite guests to the store. See what’s happening in stores with real-time order data, tracking numbers and more. We’ll take care of the rest!

illustration of how a givee store is created by distributors

For store guests


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Receives invitation from distributor client with link to access the store.

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Selects product from the store. Adds unique personalization to make it your own product options.

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Completes the simple check out process. Receives order confirmation and notification upon shipment. Order delivered direct and fast.

illustration of how a guests orders from a givee store

Watch this video to see how Givee works for guests

Get started with Givee and experience the benefits first-hand!

Our setup wizard will help you create a new store in just a few easy steps. Prefer a personal touch? Schedule a one-on-one session with an expert, and we'll help you build your store.

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