Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to common questions about Givee.


What types of use cases can Givee cater to?

Givee is highly versatile and can cater to various types of corporate events, including conferences, trade shows, employee recognition programs, client appreciation events, holiday gifting, and more. It enables businesses to create customized gift stores tailored to the specific needs of their events.

What are the key features of Givee?

  • Easy to use store creation
  • Product catalog management
  • Gift customization and multiple decoration options
  • Bulk guest management for events

Is Givee capable of handling large-scale corporate events?

Absolutely! Givee is built to handle corporate events of all sizes, from small team gatherings to large-scale conferences. The platform is scalable and can accommodate high volumes of traffic and transactions, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for both businesses and customers.

How much does it cost use Givee?

Givee is $199 per store. There is no limit to the number of stores you can have in your Givee account.

What type of events are best for Givee stores?

Givee is a great option for events of any size. With Givee you can plan for your first small office party all the way to large-scale conferences. Givee is built to handle your events regardless of size or orders.

Can I use Givee outside of the United States?

No - Givee is only available in the United States at this time.

How is invoicing handled with Givee?

Invoices are paid by the distributor for all costs associated with Givee stores including store, item, and shipping costs. Invoicing within the Givee platform will be coming in the next few weeks!

Can Givee handle new-hire onboarding programs?

Givee can handle always-on stores like new-hire onboarding, but guests may only choose 1 gift at this time. If your new-hire onboarding is 1 item Givee is a great option, but you should make sure your event needs are handled by this limit before creating a store.

Does Givee offer customer support?

Yes - for any questions about your store or your event please reach out to

Who is responsible for interactions with guests?

Distributors own the relationship with guests who receive gifts from one of their stores. If a Distributor has a question or issue concerning a guest’s experience you can always reach out to

What customizations can I make to stores in my Givee account?

The following can be customized for stores in your Givee account:

  • Store Logo
  • 3 Unique Decoration Images
  • 1 Custom Color for Personalization text inaddition to Black and White
  • Welcome messaging for your store
  • Thank you messaging in order conformation emails

Can I customize the HTML on my Givee store?

No – at this time customizations are limited to store graphic, favicon, and item decoration.

Can I invite guests to events with a link or QR Code?

No – Guests may only select a gift if they are added to the store with their name and email address. In the future we may offer QR code or direct link access.

I have PCNA credits – can those be applied to Givee stores?

While Givee is a part of PCNA, the billing and payment processing centers are entirely separate. Any credits or marketing allocations from PCNA may not be used for Givee stores.

Does Givee integrate with any third-party tools?

No – there are no integrations with any external ERP or user-management system at this time.

How can I get started with Givee?

Click the Get Started button at the top of this page to create your first store with our setup wizard.

Products & Decoration

What products can be added to Givee stores?

You can find products available to Givee stores in the Products section of your account, or the Givee catalog.

What are the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) for products with Givee?

There are no MOQs for products in a Givee storefront.

Is Givee product pricing different from PCNA pricing?

Givee product pricing is unique and differs from PCNA pricing. With Givee, each product has a single, all-in price. Check out our Pricing page for additional information.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of products I can add to a Givee store for an event?

There is no minimum/maximum product limit.

What happens if an item I want is no longer available?

We do our best to ensure you can only select items that will be fulfillable for your event, but in the event an item is no longer available in a certain size or color we will reach out to you directly with a suggested alternative.

Can I swap products out for my stores?

Yes, you can swap out items in your stores – but we strongly recommend that you finalize your selection before you launch your store, as swapping items that have already been purchased may result in not hitting an MOQ.

Can I add personalization for all Givee items?

No – only products with the make it your own label can be personalized. Quickly filter these products with the POD only toggle when selecting Givee products for your store.

Can I upload fonts and colors for personalization?

By default all decoration and personalization colors areblack and white. You may upload a 3rd option with CMYK, RGB, or HEX code. We do not support custom fonts at this time.

Store Management

My client has an upcoming event that is very similar to one from the past – can I reuse the old store? 

Yes, you may reuse the old store, or you can duplicate the previous store. Duplicating the store is done from your Givee homepage and allows you to make updated gift selections while maintaining any logos you have already uploaded.

How long does it take for Givee stores to be approved?

Givee stores may take up to 5 business days for approval of art and decoration images. Should the team encounter any issues you will be notified via email as soon as possible to correct any issues.

Can guests select multiple items? Can I set a dollar value limit for gifts?

At this time guests may select 1 gift during your event.

Do you accept returns?

A defective item may be replaced. We may request a photograph of the defective item for tracking and training purposes. Any additional questions about returns should be directed to

Can gifts be exchanged after they’ve been received?

No, gifts cannot be outright exchanged for another item. If you receive the wrong size or color of an item, we will gladly correct that mistake – but we can not offer exchanges for items that do not match the item ordered.

Why does it say an order was undeliverable?

If an order was marked as undeliverable by the carrier we will send an updated order, provided that the incorrect details have been updated. We cannot ship items to PO Boxes.


Where can I find tracking information for orders?

A list of all tracking numbers can be provided at the end of an event for all items. For always-on stores, send your specific tracking question to

What is the shipping cost for Givee orders?

All orders from Givee stores shipped inside the continental United States have a flat shipping rate of $10USD for each individual item. There are no additional drop-ship charges applied.

Can we use our third-party shipper numbers accounts?

No, we use our dedicated freight and shipper numbers for Givee orders. This allows us to charge a the domestic US flat-rate for shipping and fulfillment of $10 per product.

Do you offer branded packaging?

No – we use basic packaging. The shipping label will include the Distributor name and go directly to the guest.

Do you offer International shipping?

Givee currently offers shipping into the US and Canada only.
Please note: The Givee team is working on providing a flat rate shipping cost for all Canadian orders.

What happens to items that are reported as stolen?

Unfortunately, items that are stolen after delivery are not covered by our return or exchange policy. We recommend using a trusted shipping address that you would use for any other items sent to your location.

How does fulfillment work (including lead times)?

If you are the distributor of your Givee store, you have the ability to choose if you would like orders fulfilled at the end of the event or on a weekly basis. We then batch and ship all items to all of the addresses provided by your guests.

For stores that are fulfilled on a weekly basis, we will sent items to be decorated each week. Different decoration methods have varying production times, but we will ship items as they complete. For example, embroidery takes more time than laser engraving, so your guests who chose laser engraving may receive their gift before someone who chose an embroidered gift.

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