Designing in a Givee store

Once you've created a store, it's time to design. The Givee Design section allows you to add store logo, customize store messages, upload artwork for product decoration.

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Designing a store with Givee is easy.

Once in the Design section, the first customization you can make is to the welcome and thank you messages. These are the messages guests will see when they first view the store and the last thing they place their order. We recommend crafting a thoughtful message tailored to the recipient and occasion or event for the store.

Next, you'll want to update your artwork files for product decoration. You can add up to 3 files for gift decoration.
Providing quality artwork files during store setup is critical to the successful decoration and delivery of gifts to your client's store guests. See our artwork best practices for more information.

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Selecting & customizing products

Select and customize products from the Givee catalog for a store.

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